Cultural Diversity

Celebrating diversity

“Imagine you, understanding unconscious bias & working smoothly in a cultural diverse group!"

Many organisations struggle with the question: “how to collaborate effectively in multicultural teams and across borders?” An important question, because if you neglect cultural diversity, it may lead to frustration, miscommunication and mistrust. But how do you develop cultural sensitivity and how to improve intercultural communication?

You will learn what culture is and why understanding cultural values can help to ’embrace otherness’. You will broaden your perspective on a diverse and more inclusive society.

How do you deal with culture shock and what is unconscious bias? In a playful way you and your colleagues will work on trust and understanding each other better. With concrete actions for improvement as a result.


• A workshop of one or two days.
• Preferably with a follow up session (online) after a few weeks.
• We are licensed partner for the Richard Lewis model. A very insightful instrument and easily accessible database to understand cultural diversity and gain insight about cultural information on more than 80 countries.

What is our focus?

Every need and challenge is different of course, we understand that. But whatever the approach is, we always go for a result in which you say: “we can really make a difference now”.

• Better dealing with ‘otherness’
• Better understanding of your own culture and the culture of other people

• Embracing diversity more easily and realising how rich diversity is

How we work.

We believe you can do it, even if you have never done it before. We stimulate you to experiment and try different scenarios. We take trust and safety very serious at Senaro, we always make a contract about that.

Every question gives a unique approach. Together we decide what is really necessary. No training or coaching program is the same, because the stories of learners are different and the organisational needs are different.

Our programs are practical and based on learning by doing, with own cases and practical examples so learners may recognise them. We always create movement that lasts because we put a lot of effort in realising intentions.

All of our programs are available in group setting and individual setting. In Dutch or English, face-to-face or online.

Ask for a free demo to do a very useful cultural self assessment and get 4 weeks access to very valuable cultural information on over 80 countries. Compare yourself with a specific culture and find out how much you match with this culture.