realising lasting change Imagine You. We believe you can do it, even if you have never done it before. We stimulate you to experiment and try different scenarios.
In small steps. So you may sparkle and show yourself.

Senaro, for leadership, teams and personal growth.

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Understanding what motivates people, follow your moral compass, looking differently and leading differently

Imagine you, being in a team that brings out the best in everyone. We help you to achieve this goal.

How to be style flexible and stay true to yourself? And helping customers buy … how do you do that?

Imagine you, someone who stays true to yourself, even when the going gets tough. Uninhibited, unlimited and carefree.

Who are we

Let us introduce you to us ...

We are an experienced group of professionals who challenge people to push their boundaries and inspire them towards behavioral change. We coach and train both teams and individuals in  a broad range of topics, including leadership and personal growth. We challenge people to take an extra step, confronting yet always respectful. We create a safe environment, allowing people to sparkle and grow as they dare to show more of themselves. Everything we do is aimed at maximising potential. We let people play with different scenarios that show unexpected talents. Because believe us, you are often more than you think you are.


You are often more than
you think you are

We inspire and challenge to experiment. In different scenarios, so people grow in steps that fit. We believe everyone can grow, whether in leadership, teams, sales or personal growth.

5-day training journey | 23-27 June 2025 | Ripabottoni, Italy

Robert Schulte facilitates a 5-day training journey to your paradigm shift. Saying 'Hello' to who you are and what you bring as a human being. Saying 'Hello' to a different and fresh reality. Saying 'Bye' to hindering beliefs. Training journey Ciao is for experienced managers and senior professionals who want to achieve lasting change in personal leadership.