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Let us introduce you to you, the leader who creates trust and unity in your team.
All eyes focused on you as you share your story exactly as you had imagined it.
Let us introduce you to you, someone who stays true to yourself, even when the going gets tough.
Uninhibited, unlimited and carefree.

You might be put on the spot and yet manage to improvise with ease in the moment.
Let us introduce you to you, who ensures peoples qualities are acknowledged and used as a matter of course. The people around you bringing out the best in you and you in them.

Can you imagine it? We can.

Where you see a problem, we see possibilities.
We sense where your ambition lies and entice you to achieve it.
We challenge you to do what is needed to take that crucial extra step in your personal development.
And yes, sometimes that might lead you off the beaten track or ask you to find the courage to do something you have never done before.

Act, change, grow.

Believe us, you are often more than you think you are.
Find us in the place where you can feel safe to think and reflect.
Find us where a podium waits to welcome your talent.
Find us in the place where change seems impossible.

Let us introduce you to us, so that we can introduce you to you.




robert schulte - founder

"Brilliant to see people grow"

My uncle said, when I was eight years old: "Robert, you will become a psychotherapist!", "Why is that", I asked. "Because of this, you dare to ask and are a good observer." He was right! It turned out to be a slightly different profession, but I have been a coach and trainer for more than 30 years already. In 2008 I started my own business: Senaro. Together with a team of self employed coaches, trainers and actors, we inspire people to maximise their potential.
Our trainers

Everyone his own power

We are a team of creative people which allows us to improvise and show the flexibility needed to find learning solutions that work. We enjoy working with customers who want to learn, have a goal in mind and will not hesitate to challenge us. We like to walk on unmarked paths. We challenge people to take an extra step, confronting yet always respectful. We encourage ownership and autonomy with those we train and coach. We listen truly, without judgment. ​