Personality assessment

Find personal power with the Birkman method

“Imagine you know exactly who you are and how to be even more powerful!

At Senaro, we have embraced ‘the Birkman method’. It is an extremely powerful self-assessment tool. Developed and improved during the past 69 years to empower people and performance. It is the only method that goes beyond the behavior we can see to reveal the critical DNA that drives productivity and satisfaction.

It leads to better understanding yourself and how you relate to others. Making you a stronger leader, a better teambuilder, a powerful influencer of others.

Let the Birkman method be your guide!

The Birkman Method

An assessment with the Birkman Method means filling out several online questionnaires with additionally one or more coaching sessions. To deepen the insights and translate them to the goals of the learner. We often use this method as part of a broader individual or team approach.


There are several options in how we work, but it always leads towards insights that improve your effectiveness as a person or a leader.

• Understanding individual strentghs, styles and motives that contribute to effective (personal) leadership

• More ownership for behaviour and more easlily dealing with personal challenges

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