Excellence in Influence

“Imagine you can entice people to do things they unconsciously want!"

Learn how to increase your influencing power. You will get commitment and make use of your own strengths, respecting the other. You get buy-in more easily and create trust. You clearly present your ideas and points of view and are able to motivate others.

The most impactful feedback we received from learners is:

✨Wow, this was a training as I have never experienced before

✨Empowering and enlightening,

✨Very great blend of the personal and professional

✨The most intense training I have followed

✨Perfect mix of theory and practice

✨Incredibly skilled trainer

We work on the following topics.

• What is the difference between manipulation and influencing? 
• Influencing powers and styles
Conscious and unconscious influencing
• Verbal and non-verbald influencing
• Inspiring and motivating others

What is our focus?

Every need and challenge is different of course, we understand that. But whatever the approach is, we always go for a result in which you say: this feels very good!

Dealing with resistance and daring to confront
• Creating commitment and buy-in for your ideas

• Insight in your influencing style and the effect on others
• How to influence under stress

How we work

We believe you can do it, even if you have never done it before. We stimulate you to experiment and try different scenarios. We take trust and safety very serious at Senaro, we always make a contract about that.

Every question gives a unique approach. Together we decide what is really necessary. No training or coaching program is the same, because the stories of learners are different and the organisational needs are different.

Our programs are practical and based on learning by doing, with own cases and practical examples so learners may recognise them. We always create movement that lasts because we put a lot of effort in realising intentions.

All of our programs are available in group setting and individual setting. In Dutch or English, face-to-face or online.

Would you like more information about this program and/or share you specific needs with us?