Remote Leadership

Leadership in the online world

"Imagine you, managing remotely and stil creating trust & connection!"

In the online world you focus less on the process and more on the output. You lead from a distance on autonomous commitment and connection. You want to inspire your people and encourage them to create and innovate.

How can you best do this? It can be quite a change, we realise. We will help you to find your way in remotely leading. How to do it and what fits you. Together we will find your online leadership style.

We work on the following topics.

•  Balancing between directing and delegating, especially when it’s online
•  Inspire, motivate and influence online
•  Staying style flexible even if you do not feel comfortable yourself
•  How do you really know if your people are still okay? Asking slow questions
•  “My door is always open”, how do you do that online?
•  Peer coaching, exchanging ideas and experiences

What is our focus?

Every need and challenge is different of course, we understand that. But whatever the approach is, we always go for a result in which you say: “this is how I want to lead remotely.”

• You know how to build on trust and connection when leading remotely
• You are able to empower people, keep them motivated and increase their self-efficacy

• You know how to lead self-managing teams and professionals remotely

How we work.

We believe you can do it, even if you have never done it before. We stimulate you to experiment and try different scenarios. We take trust and safety very serious at Senaro, we always make a contract about that.

Every question gives a unique approach. Together we decide what is really necessary. No training or coaching program is the same, because the stories of learners are different and the organisational needs are different.

Our programs are practical and based on learning by doing, with own cases and practical examples so learners may recognise them. We always create movement that lasts because we put a lot of effort in realising intentions.

All of our programs are available in group setting and individual setting. In Dutch or English, face-to-face or online.

Would you like more information about this program and/or share you specific needs with us?